Friday, July 15, 2011

Home Office Organizing Tips

Even if you do not own a business, nearly everyone needs a home office (or kitchen corner).

Last week, I wrote a guest blog for Entrepreneurial America titled "Home Office Organizing Tips for Solopreneurs". If you own a business, these tips will help you be a success in your chosen field. Non-business owners can glean a few tips for the home office as well.

Entrepreneurial America is a blog for those in business and contemplating their own business. It is edited by my good friend and former business school classmate, Amber Clark.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Insurance Paperwork Filing

Getting rid of items that are no longer needed is a key strategy to getting organized. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know what to toss when it comes to paperwork like insurance policies. These are the items that we tend to hang on to, citing "what if" scenarios.
The folks at Freedom Filer, a "self-purging" document storage system, say that it is generally alright to get rid of old insurance policies if you've received a new one, unless one of their following circumstances apply to you:
  • If you have a claim pending, hang on to the expired policy and any related paperwork.
  • If you think there may be a claim filed in regards to something that happened during the life of your old policy, keep the policy documents.
  • For businesses, it doesn't hurt to keep all policy paperwork through the life of your business.
*Remember, always check with your CPA or attorney about what legal paperwork to keep and for how long.