Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Local Hoarding Fatality

In Clinton Township, Michigan a local elderly couple recently died in their home. Fire officials believe the couple's hoarding of stuff may have prevented the couple from exiting the home. The Detroit News reported this as "collecting" but from reading the article it appears to me that the couple might have been hoarders. While professional organizers, such as myself can help, compulsive hoarding is a real disorder requiring the help of a mental health professional.

I should also note that most of my clients are not hoarders or people in need of mental health help. The folks that I work with are mostly busy professionals and families with whom life has gotten a little disorganized.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Upstairs/Downstairs Organizing

I grew up in a small ranch style home, but currently live in a two story home with a basement. It seems like sometimes I find myself constantly running up and down the steps to put things in their proper places either upstairs, downstairs or in the basement.

I recently have had to limit my trips up and down the stairs due to temporary health issues, which has turned my poor husband into a bit of a pack horse. The general rule in our house is that you never go up or down empty handed, but I do not want to create unnecessary trips, especially now when I am relying on my spouse's help.

In order not to forget anything, I have a basket where throughout the day I place items needing to go upstairs and make a list of things I want to bring down. This is working so great, I might continue this practice when my stamina is back.