Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Organizing Recipes

In the August edition of my monthly e-newsletter, Your Simply Organized Life (click here to sign up), I will answer a reader question regarding organizing recipes torn from magazines or newspapers.

Here is how I like to organize recipes in my own household. I have a simple one inch binder (shown below) for all the recipes I collect. This limits me from collecting too many that we may never try. If something isn't to our tastes, it gets recycled to allow room for another recipe.
Inside of the binder (see below) each recipe is housed in a plastic sheet. This is great when things get messy or the recipes are not quite the right size. I find this solution to be simple, easy and inexpensive.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Now that we are fully into July, summertime has officially arrived here in Michigan. My garden is in full bloom and looks so beautiful. The tree peony (photo below) blooms are long gone and have been replaced by lilies and lavender. This summer what are you doing to enjoy life more? Are you slowing down to "smell the roses" or "take in the warm sun"? Or are you finishing up some nagging projects? Remember this time is fleeting, just like the beautiful peony bloom. Take advantage of every day!