Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Labels for Kids

After scoffing at the need for professional labels for my kids' belonging, I broke down this morning and purchased a "Party Pack" of Name Bubbles for each of my kids. Hopefully, these labels will live up to my expectations, as they are quite expensive.

Up until now, a Sharpie Laundry Pen or my Brother P-touch labels have been sufficient. However, labeling shoes and clothes without tags gets tricky. I also hate to deface items that can be passed on. I am hoping these labels, particularly the laundry labels, will stay put for my kids and be able to be removed when the time comes for the items to leave our home. Besides, they are a lot more stylish than my handwriting or a P-touch label.


  1. They are very cute. are they iron ons or stiched?

  2. Actually they are stickers (super sticky). I have used several so far and they seem to hold up well both in the washing machine and dish washer. My only complaint is that the ones I ordered with a yellow background (favorite color of one of my kids) are a little difficult to read. I particularly like the shoe labels, which can be removed when the shoes are outgrown.